Liow: Malay version can attract interest

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Liow: Malay version can attract interes2

Full of knowledge: Some of the collections of the books that can be found in Universiti Malaya.

Full of knowledge: Some of the collections of the books that can be found in Universiti Malaya.

KUALA LUMPUR: Local non-Chinese readers will be able to appreciate the essence of the famed Dream of the Red Chamber when the Malay version of the classic novel hits the shelves.

Commending the translation efforts, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said it would spark deep discussions among people of all racial and cultural backgrounds, which could forge closer ties.

“This will allow the Chinese literary masterpiece to enter the Malay circle,” he said.

Liow, who is MCA president, was delivering a speech to the reporters at the opening of the Dream of the Red Chamber resource centre at the main library of Universiti Malaya yesterday.

The collection was donated by former Transport Minister Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy.

The translation of the acclaimed novel was the idea of Chan and former Yayasan Karyawan chief executive officer, the late Datuk Dr Hassan Ahmad.

The translation was now in its final stage and would be completed in September, Liow said.

Redology – the academic study of Dream of the Red Chamber – dissects a myriad of aspects in the novel, ranging from costumes, food and beverages, garden design, medicine, wellness, character image, arts and poetry to music.

With Dream of the Red Chamber available in Malay, more local scholars could delve into the research of its aesthetic values and contribute to the global conversation on Redology.

“I look forward to seeing the first set of Malay commentaries on one of China’s finest literary masterpie­ces in the near future,” Liow said during the press conference.

He added that the collection would put UM on the world map as a significant Redology hub, and invited the audience to honour Chan with a standing ovation for his generous contribution.

China’s Embassy in Malaysia cultural office director Zhang Jiexin said the Malay version marked an important milestone in the promotion and circulation of the masterpiece in Malaysia.

To date, the novel has already been translated into 23 different languages.

Zhang credited Chinese education for laying a strong foundation for the popularity of Chinese literature here, including Dream of the Red Chamber.

Expressing his gratitude to Chan, UM acting vice-chancellor Prof Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud said the contribution would make a very well-known collection in the university for students, staff members and the public.

“It is Chan’s passion in Redology that prompted him to donate this wonderful collection to his alma mater,” he said.


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UM Receives Valuable Book Collection

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UM library makes home for one of China’s greatest literary classics

KUALA LUMPUR: Some 6,000 publications on one of China’s greatest literary classics, Dream of the Red Chamber, have found a permanent home at the Main Library of Universiti Malaya (UM).

The collection is being housed in the newly-set up Dream of the Red Chamber Resource Centre (DRC) of the library, which is fully sponsored by the Alumni Association of the Department of Chinese Studies of Universiti Malaya (Pejati).

The epic 18th century novel, written by Cao Xueqin, depicts a love triangle between three cousins of a rich family during the Qing dynasty.

The entire collection was donated to UM by former transport minister Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy, who had kept the collection for over 40 years.

He said the collection is a rich compilation of writings on the Dream of the Red Chamber, with many types of manuscripts in more than 10 different languages.

Chan, who is also a leading authority on the novel, has been studying the work since his first encounter with it during his secondary school days.

“With this collection, the DRC can start on a very solid foundation.

“I hope the DRC will help promote inter-cultural research between Malay and Chinese culture,” said Chan, who graduated with first class honours in Chinese Studies from UM (formerly University of Malaya) in 1979.

The former MCA deputy president was speaking at the DRC’s opening ceremony here this afternoon.

In attendance was MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, director of the cultural office at the China Embassy in Malaysia, Zhang Jie Xin, and UM’s acting vice-chancellor Prof Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud.

Liow said Dream of the Red Chamber is a beloved work of literature not only in China but also around the world, having been translated into 17 languages.

He noted that a Malay translation of the work has just been completed and will soon be published.

Liow said the Malay translation will open up a whole new perspective on the novel, particularly in the field of hong xue or Red Study (the textual and historical study of the classical novel).

“Indeed, this masterpiece has garnered such a strong following that it has been researched, studied and analysed for generations.

“With the opening of the DRC, more students from around the world will be able to undertake the study of the novel,” he said.

Liow added that UM will also establish a DRC Research Unit, while its Faculty of Chinese Studies will be offering DRC courses for postgraduate students.

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新华社吉隆坡7月1日电(记者刘彤 林昊)马来西亚首个《红楼梦》研究资料中心1日在马来亚大学(马大)成立,该中心的首批6000多本藏书由马来西亚著名红学爱好者、前运输部长陈广才捐赠。





(1/7/2017, 新华网)

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红楼梦结缘 陈广才惊艷





(东方日报,   2/7/2017)

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Chan Kong Choy donates literary collection to Universiti Malaya


Liow signing a plaque at the launch of the centre at Universiti Malaya with Chan (right) looking on. Others are (from left) Chinese Embassy representative Zhang Jiexin and Ng.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former transport minister Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy has donated his Dream of the Red Chamber collection to the library of his alma mater Universiti Malaya.

The collection will be displayed in a special room on the fourth floor of the central library to showcase some 6,000 items of literary works which Chan had collected over 40 years.

The collection includes calligraphy works, paintings and manuscripts in more than 10 languages.

Dream of the Red Chamber, written by Cao Xueqin, is also known as The Story of the Stone. It is one of the four great classical novels in Chinese literature.

Chan said he was happy that his lifelong collection has found a new home, one which was committed to the future teaching and research of the great classic novel.

“It is my personal hope that this centre will be fully utilised by the academic community of UM.

“I’d like to see local and international enthusiasts come here and make full use of the collection,” he said in his speech at the opening ceremony of the Dream of the Red Chamber resource centre at UM on Saturday.

The collection by Chan, who studied at UM’s Chinese Studies Department, is touted as the largest private overseas collection.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai was the guest of honour at the event.

Also present were UM acting vice-chancellor Prof Dr Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud, UM Chinese Studies Department Alumni Association president Datuk Ng Tong Hai, UM acting chief librarian Mahbob Yusof and Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah.

2 July 2017

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马大《红楼梦》资料中心圆满开幕 感谢荣誉会长丹斯里的慷慨捐献








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